Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play

Celebrating 25 years!

In 1994, Andrea Grace turned her passion for fitness into an interactive and innovative program designed for new Moms and babies alike. Andrea was a freelance fitness instructor for 10 years and then became pregnant with her daughter Rachel. It was a natural progression to continue teaching fitness classes that incorporated baby Rachel – and Mommy and Baby Fitness was born! Rachel was a fussy baby and needed more interaction then to just sit and watch the workouts, so our fun and fabulous Mom and Baby warm ups were created to songs we all know and love to sing and dance to.

What better dance partner then your baby for a warm up?

After the warm up baby Rachel was content to rest by Mommy Andrea’s side while she taught an intense post natal fitness class to her group of new moms, then wanted to be in the core training action on the mats! So babies join Mom on the mats and then the real fun begins for babies. We pull out a colorful parachute and the focus turns to baby. Our infant stimulation portion after our workout is full of songs and rhymes, fingerplays and kneebouncers and bubbles galore! We even take our babies for a ring around the rosy ride on the parachute! Andrea brings in amazing and supportive guest speakers to round out this action packed class that runs for 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.

New exciting Mom and Baby programs have been added over the years

Including Aquaplay, Strollerfitness, Mom and Baby Yoga and so many more.

Over the past 25 years Andrea has sold many Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play license and training packages world wide, and continues to grow and develop this amazing concept so that Moms and Babies everywhere can workout and play together.

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