Yessica Figueroa

My name is Yessica Figueroa, and I am located in Ciudad Juarez, Chih, Mexico just across the border from El Paso, Texas.
My husband Rene and I have a son (Nicolas, he is my inspiration). We own an early stimulation center just for babies: StiMyGym where We offer a variety of services for mommy-daddy and baby, including matroswimming, early stimulation lessons, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, and of course, Mommy and Baby Fitness Work and Play. I got my certification in Spain (Matroswimming), Mexico (Early Stimulation) and a year ago, in M&BFWP.
I fell in love with babies; they are my passion!! I really enjoy their sweet tiny smiles when they accomplish an exercise… it’s amazing!
Moreover, I like to exercise and be in a good shape. I have practiced Crossfit, weight training and spinning for several years. When I was pregnant I used to train 6 days a week, and a would like to share my experience with future moms and new moms that excercising and eating well are essential to physical and emotional health.